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Step 1. 

  • Click "Get More Reviews" below.

Step 2. 

  • Select the number of contacts you have in blocks of 100.

  • For example, if you have 550 contacts, select 6 items.

Step 3.  

  • Fill out the payment info and send us your list of happy customers, then we'll get to work!

Do your competitors have more reviews than you on Google? 


That's a HUGE problem!  


Consumers looking for your service are going with your competition because of their reviews.


If you have a list of past HAPPY customers, let Blue Kayak get you more reviews so you can grow your sales and make more people HAPPY today!

What verticals does this work with?

Solar Panels on Roof

Home Services

Roofing, Flooring, Construction, Remodel, Trades.



Mortgage, Banking, Loans, Private Money.

Woman Baking


Restaurants, Retail, and anyone with a list of past happy customers

Case Study

Adam is a great CPA, but his 7 Google Reviews weren't very convincing compared to his competition. See how in one month we helped him get up to 26 Five-Star Reviews!

The Problem

You do great work, but you don't have enough Google or BBB reviews to prove it.


So you advertise, network, work your butt off, and people get interested in your services but then....

They do a Google search and they start comparing YOUR reviews to everyone else.

Did I mention you might have one or two WACKY reviews from people who you don't even KNOW, and you can't get rid of their lies in a public review. 


For all you know a competitor left that review to ding your reputation.  

What to do?

Use Blue Kayak Reviews!

We solve this problem with a simple and elegant solution. 

We ask your happiest clients (via text message) how you were to work with.  We reach up to 250 people per day.

Imagine you have a list of 1,000 happy past clients.

50% of them text back a 5 star!  Nice work!

Of those people who gave you 5 stars over text, we'll then ask them to provide a Google review.

Now everyone knows that it takes more time and effort to actually give a Google review then to just text back the # 5.

So you see a drop-off from you 500 text replies, to 250 people leaving Google reviews.  

Wow, what would 250 new Google reviews do for you and your business?  

It proves to the world, that you are here to help, not just sell.

It shows that you are safe, trustworthy, and a sure-bet.

It increases your confidence giving you that edge in your next sales meeting, you are backed by a cloud of witnesses who agree....





P.S.  What if 10% of those people who left 5-star reviews then asked you for another quote, or more business, or sent you a referral?

The way you humbly ask for their review creates referrals.

It's time they knew how much you can help.  

Let your happy customers tell the truth.

Grow your reviews.  Grow your referrals.