3 things to stop asking your 55+ home buyer.

Article by Nathan Conant (c) 2019

These 3 questions are hurting your sales.  Make this small change to improve the testimonies you get from your home buyers and increase authenticity, trust and sales.

When you Film your Home Buyer's Testimony

Don't ask: "Do you like your new home?"

Instead Try:  "What about your new home has made you the happiest?"

When you interview your 55+ home buyers, there are questions that get boring pat answers and can harm your brand.


You want the film of the interview to authentically help your future buyers by addressing their pains and worries while building trust with your brand, people and process.


For example, many buyers want to build a new home, but don’t want to start from a blank piece of paper.  Once they get in front of 5,000 tile samples they get overwhelmed.


Instead of asking:  How did you like the picking process?


Ask: What were your biggest fears or worries when you first considered building a new home and how did we guide you through those hurdles?


If your team has done a great job guiding your buyers and providing personalized recommendations, you’ll find their interview conversations will assist future buyers to get over the tremendous overwhelming emotions of “blank page” syndrome.  








Instead of asking: 


What would you say to another person who wants to buy in this development?


Ask: What have you told your friends who are considering buying a new home in this neighborhood?


Asking the “What would you say” question gets stilted answers made up on the spot to please the interviewer.  


Instead, ask them what they’ve already told their friends!  This will spark real conversations in their memory and will give you a much better testimony video because it will be based in easy to remember TRUE things they’ve already bragged to their friends.


When they have to “make up” an answer on the spot, you’ll notice a lot more “ummms”, pauses, and hand-wringing.  That’s because the person is trying to give you “the right answer”.


Instead set them up to comfortably tell their story of what they’ve already TOLD their friends about your beautiful homes and communities.  




DON’T ASK: Do you like your home?


ASK: What about your new home has made you the happiest?  


“Do you like your home?” is a yes or no question that doesn’t engage the imagination deeply or evoke an emotional response.


Instead, engage the powers of their emotional memories by asking, “What about your new home has made you the happiest. 


Authentic emotions will help you sell more homes.  Tap into the real emotional responses of your happy buyers, and you’ll grow your sales!



Bonus Questions that will help you sell more homes


By capturing better testimonies of your current buyers, you'll overcome buyer's fears, and increase confidence which leads to faster sales cycles.


  • Why was buying this home right for you NOW?


  • A home is only as good as the neighborhood.  How has this neighborhood made life better for you? 


  • Why did you choose this neighborhood?​


  • What were you worried about when you first considered building a new home?  How did we address those worries for you?


  • What do you like to do around the community on a free day?


  • What kind of neighborhood were you in before and how is this better?  


  • What were you looking for in a new home and neighborhood?  Did you find it here?


  • What problems went wrong during your build, how did we address them?

At Blue Kayak, we create engaging films that show your homes and communities in an authentic and engaging light to build trust with future buyers, and speed your sales. 


We believe that showing the truth is the best way to market new home sales.


Imagine how quickly your sales team can write contracts when your buyers have seen the stories, communities and people that have gone before them entrusting their home purchase to YOUR team!

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A Home Buyer Tells All

At first Tony and Janelle didn't even know the builder existed, but now they go on camera to tell their story of falling in love with their Landed Gentry home.  Let's tell your story next!

Author: Nathan Conant

I lead a team of creatives who understand that the end game of telling the true stories of your buyers, is to grow sales. 


We believe that true, engaging stories, are one of the best ways you can empower your sales team for your new home sales and 55+ communities.

Let me know what you think about this article, or what better questions you've come up with when you interview YOUR customers!

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