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Blue Kayak Fitness

We help fitness centers grow their membership

in 7 days or less without ad spend.


Case study

How we booked $14,184 in new fitness memberships

for Lab Athletics in 10 days without ad spend.

Set up your call with us to access this case study, and see how we can do the same for you.  

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We help you grow in 2 ways

We book new member appointments from your database


We nurture & schedule new walk-ins from fresh leads

The Problem


Gym sales feel like a roller coaster: great one month, awful the next.  How do you keep a steady stream of new, high-quality members walking in the door?

The Solution

We book new membership appointments for you so you spend your time training, coaching, and transforming lives, not riding the roller coaster!

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Who is this NOT for?

If you opened your business within the last year, or are at maximum capacity this isn't for you.

Who is this TOTALLY for?

BK Fitness is for businesses that are:

  • ready and able to grow their membership immediately

  • looking for a better way to reach and attract customers

  • focused on transforming lives, not chasing new members

  • busy running their business and don't have time for constant followup with new leads

  • looking to grow quickly without adding costly overhead

  • are capable of closing 50%-80% of their sales appointments

  • CrossFit Boxes, Gyms, Martial Arts, & Fitness Centers

  • ask how to get a better-than-free trial offer on your call!


Ready to take your fitness business to the next level? Set up your call today and grow your membership in 7 days or less.

Meet Your Team

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Daniel Ford
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Nathan Conant

Hey we're glad to serve you. 

We're both outdoors enthusiasts living in the the Pacific Northwest.  We both love to electric skateboard, kayak and mountain bike for stress relief and pleasure.


At work we get totally jacked to help gym owners like you serve more people!    

If you are a joyful... 

energetic and skilled business owner who gets spine-tingles watching your members overcome their challenges, we want to work with you.


We've felt the pain of traditional marketing...

agencies just sending leads to gyms, and seeing the leads fail to turn into REAL new business and sales for the gym owners.  Nobody is happy in this scenario.

We had to do something about it.  So we brought on a mentor who has helped more than 500 gym's and fitness centers master the art of generating and closing new memberships.

Armed with a very simple yet effective strategy

we feel super stoked every time we book you a new sales appointment.  Why?  Because it means you have the chance to grow your business and reach your goals.


We are both family men,

so we know what it feels like as a business owner to desire the consistent, sustainable growth that lets you achieve the life and destiny you feel you're designed to create.


Whether that be more free time with your family, a new hire, a better vacation, or just the deep satisfaction of helping another amazing human get healthy and strong. 


It's more possible than you think.  Let's do this!

With you in the trenches,

~Nathan & Daniel @ Blue Kayak Fitness

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