Show The Truth.  Grow Your Sales.

We help you earn the trust of new customers through powerful true stories on film. 

Sound familiar?

✓Do you need more of the RIGHT kinds of customers?

✓ Are you falling behind on today’s marketing platforms?

✓ Is your website making you money?

✓ Would your sales explode if new leads TRULY understood how you can help?

✓ Are potential customers ignoring your message?

✓ Do you struggle to explain what your company does in a simple way?

✓ Are your best customers bringing you new ones?

✓ Are you proud of what your team can do, but need to show the world?

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We'll get together and figure out what you need and if we're a good match.
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Design your marketing plan and decide what content to create.
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Leverage your clear message to reach more customers and grow your business.


Once your message is clear, we help you create engaging content and then put it to work to drive new sales.  We get your story in front of more of the right people.

Google Reviews

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Wes Herman, Woods Coffee

I love the approach these guys take in telling a story that moves peoples hearts. Easy to work with and they can get the job done!


Drew Nevins

Creating a marketing program from scratch is hard - especially if your marketing team is new and inexperienced. That's why I hired Nate and the team at Blue Kayak to come down to our headquarters and teach the marketing accelerator course to a group of brand new marketers and brand influencers, and we were not disappointed! 

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Nate Mark, JTI

These guys are awesome. Not even worth wasting your own time trying to keep up with your own content and marketing. They have a fresh look on how to market companies. Just give them a call and let them do what they are good at. They knocked it out of the park for us!


Our awesome clients

Join our successful clients who create clear messaging and media that gets results.


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We're better together. There's no substitute for great teamwork and we leverage that for our clients every day with marketing solutions that drive sales, tell your story, and reach new customers. 





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